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Garden Statuary

Add character to your garden or interior with this selection of antique and new garden statuary.

18th Century Carrara Marble Cherub

Beautiful carved Carrara marble cherub, originally from the top of a large door mantle from one of the large villas along the Brenta river  in the Italian town of Dolo in Northern Italy.

We have drilled and mounted the Cherub onto a stand to make it a great decorative piece for both inside and out.

Weighs around 200kg.

Bacchus with Pan

Fabulously weathered vintage, reconstituted  stone statue of Bacchus with Pan circa 1950.

A youthful Bacchus is crowned with flowers. He holds a bunch of grapes in his right hand, and a cup in his left. At his feet, the god, Pan, is represented in the form of a child. Fabulous for inside or out…

Stone Penguin

Hand painted penguin sculptures, ideal for any garden. These charismatic characters look fantastic as a solo piece, but even better as a pair or waddle.

Pair of British Bulldog Statues

A fantastically characterful pair of British bulldog statues, excellent companions for any dog lovers.

Sold as a pair, this stone duo will only get better with time when faced with the elements. Perfect for either side of a pathway or to frame a door.

PWL 20.07.04 – IMG_0001 Vintage
Pair of Mid 20th Century Lions

A fantastic pair of mid 20th century reconstituted stone lion sculptures sourced from a country house. We have two pairs of these impressive sculptures available.



Vintage Stone Horse Head

This stone horses head would have originally been mounted into a stone wall and used in a stables. Ideal for the equestrian lover, this unique find could be used as interior decor in the home or as a garden ornament.

PWL 21.02.06 – IMG_8103 Antique
17th Century Bronze Bishop Sculpture

This exceptional life sized cast bronze Bishop dates from the late 17th/ early 18th century and has its origins in Scotland. The natural ageing process has given this rare statue a beautiful and unique patina.