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Display And Side Tables

Our range of side and display tables includes our white marble Pasadena range as well as a changing collection of vintage and antique tables

Large Italian Antique capital

Beautiful early 19th century Gilded Italian capital (originally off a column top) later used as a side table.  Fabulous ageing and patina gives this large capital a distinct and eye catching  look. Great as a side table or would be fantastic as a display stand.

PWL 24.04.21 – IMG_4158 Vintage
Marble Gueridon Dining Table

Marble topped Gueridion table with dark oak bulbous  base and panda white marble top. this makes a great breakfast / occasional table or centre table and has a very decorative Panda White Marble top with great veining.

Oro Side Table

A striking circular side table in a beautiful black and gold marble – perfect for both neutral and dark an moody interiors! The smooth, honed marble features a variety of neutral tones and due to the organic nature of marble, each side table will be unique to you.

This style is also available as a larger coffee table.