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Butterfly Domes and Looking Glasses

A collection of antique domes filled with colourful butterflies, created in-house by the Pure White Lines team. Also available are our butterfly looking glasses in various sizes and in a brass or nickel finish

Mini Butterfly Looking Glass in Antique Nickel Red & Blue

Decorate your home with the Mini Butterfly Looking Glass, handmade by Pure White Lines this piece features one red and one blue butterfly encased in an aged nickel looking glass. Perfect for styling on shelves, consoles and mantels.

As this is a natural item variations will occur. Other options also available.

Butterfly Dome No.16

Delicately handmade in London by Pure White Lines, these beautifully displayed Blue Morpho, Mother of Pearl Victorian, and Blue Ulysses butterflies are set in an antique glass dome.



Butterfly Dome No.4


5 Beautifully displayed butterflies in an aged glass dome. Simple and elegant.

Handmade in London by Pure White Lines.

Butterfly Dome No.22

Beautifully displayed taxidermy butterflies (Papilio Ulysses and Salamis Parhassus) in an aged glass dome.

Handmade in London by Pure White Lines.