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Sculpture and Busts

Inspired by antique finds, this collection of sculpture,  busts and torsos includes our best-selling Damien bust and the beautifully curvaceous Rhea torso.

Alesandro Torso on Stand

Our beautiful Alesandro male torso showcases the youthful perfection of the male figure. Made from polyresin this torso has a bronze finish.



Hand Study Collection

This beautiful set of sculptures perfectly captures the fine details of the human hand. Each of the three hands is made from resin with an antique plaster finish and displayed on a small black wooden base.

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Maximillian Torso Small

Our intricately detailed Maximillian male torso sculpture is the perfect decorative touch to a classic or contemporary interior.

Made from polyresin with a striking antique plaster finish. Also available in a larger size.

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Farnese Hercules Sculpture

Inspired by Ancient Greece, the Farnese Hercules is a large cast figure, formed from polyresin and finished in an aged marble effect. This statue is based on an ancient Greek marble sculpture of Hercules.



Antinous Plaster Torso

Antinous, said to be the lover of the Roman emperor Hadrian, was worshipped sometimes as a god and sometimes merely as a hero.

This vintage, life size torso is made of plaster, it makes the perfect addition to a characterful home. This piece comes from a studio in the south of France. Plinth not included.


Giant Hercules Bust

Giant Hercules Bust is the largest sculpture in our Plastered Collection and the perfect statement piece for a large area or display. Made in resin with an aged plaster finish and presented on a stand.

We also offer a smaller version and a full statue version.