Ref: 10983

Vessel, 2016

W: 30cm (11.8")H: 49cm (19.3")D: 30cm (11.8")
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Material: Polymer Clay and glass

Taking inspiration from his native Naples, Cristiano's sculptural practice responds to a dark Christian obsession with death that is an everyday companion for many Neapolitans. These are all part of his DNA and by harnessing this discourse Cristiano asks his questions of the viewer. Obsessions of the spirit, afterlives and our resting place in the natural world branch out, probing the political, cultural and religious values we either inherit or grow to hold. Answers, different to each viewer, leave only one certainty: one day our bodies will fade. this reality of our fragile state - which returns us back into the land from which we rose - colours the form and fabric of Cristiano's ieces, and his entire overture. He wants each piece to become infused with the observers own spiritual sentiments and their attitude to the - inevitable - transience that our physicality itself presents.