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Born in Naples in 1989, Cristiano participated in hir first exhibition aged 14 in Milan, followed several by exhibitions in his native Naples. In 2007 Cristiano enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence under the instruction of Adriano Bimbi. During his time at the Academy he participated in exhibitions all over Tuscany, from Florence to Arezzo, Pistoia, Empoli, San Sepolcro etc. In 2011, his studio in Florence was featured in a publication surveying the underground studios of contemporary art in the city. having by 2012 exhibited widely across Italy, Di Martino featured in his first British exhibition at Cadogan Contemporary, where he continues to exhibit. Di Martino was a finalist in the 2014 Premio Celeste, exhibiting at Assab One, Milan. Since moving to Britain in late 2014 he has exhibited with the RSW in the Royal Academy Building, Edinburgh and the Royal Institute at the Mall Galleries, London. Working across different mediums, the focus of Cristiano's work remains consistent, centred always on the fragility of humanity and natural world: the transformation and transience that surrounds us in our daily lives.